About HHC
So what do you want to know?

Background? Education? Well, here we go…

My background education is not in film, or media, or art. I graduated with a B.S. in Computer Science at Pennsylvania State University. Yes, I work with computer, specifically with software. Working with computer enabled me to come up with new ideas, new ways of accomplish things. Film making is something I enjoy doing in my free time.

I was always curious why Hollywood movies look so different compare to the videos that I film with my handheld camera. I researched, studied, invested, and finally understood their movie making concept. It’s not hard, but it's required lots of patient.

At the beginning, I start out with special effects, and eventually into making short films. Then I thought, why not produce wedding videos as people are in need of unique cinematography.

I’ve seen various wedding video samples online, and most of them are not up to my standard. If you’re going to make a movie, as least make it as close as one of those Hollywood movies… That is my goal, to make your wedding videos have a unique “movie” style. I’ll make you feel like a movie star in your own wedding video.

I make movies because I enjoy it, not because I do it for a living. When you are doing something that you enjoy, it is different. I do not have any strict rules about hours or anything like that. As long as you are still standing at the end of the night, the cameras will still be rolling.